LYNX services and related ports:

Port 21/TCP: FTP (no anonymous login) used by the "Collect Service Information" Tool of the LynxCentraal/ greenGUI/ APPolo Control GUI

Port 80/TCP: HTTPD: simple Web-IF. After login: simple configuration of IP-settings etc.

Port 2300/TCP: LYNX internal protocol, (communication LynxCentraal / APPolo Control GUI > APPolo Control Server)

(*) Port 2301/TCP: LYNX internal protocol, (communication APPolo Control Server > LynxCentraal / APPolo Control GUI)

Port 2306/TCP: LYNX remote control (RemoteIF -- used by 3rd party control software)

Port 2306/UDP: LYNX remote control (RemoteIF -- used by 3rd party control software)

Port 2308/UDP: LNCP internal protocol, (used by the LynxCentraal / APPolo Control GUI Network Management Tool to detect Lynx Network Controller Devices)

Port 2308/TCP: LYNX internal protocol, (communication LynxCentraal / greenGUI > greenMachine)

Port 161/UDP: SNMP Agent (get/set commands)

Port 162/UDP: SNMP Agent (traps)

Port 443/TCP: greenMachine Cloud Services
Port 2307/TCP: greenMachine Preview Services

(*) If your network is very restrictive (for dynamic ports too) you can force the LynxCentraal /greenGUI  APPolo Control GUI to local port 2301.

To do so, right - click on the LynxCentraal /greenGUI / APPolo Control GUI desktop icon, click on properties and enter the following behind the path target entry:

 -localPort 2301 


Target: "Path/to/the/APPolo.exe" -localPort 2301

Apply the settings and start the LynxCentraal / greenGUI / APPolo GUI by using this desktop icon.